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The ‘Words for good’ project is an ongoing effort to help raise funds typically for local community charities.

For the month of July I have chosen to do something different and will be donating all profits to the gofundme account for Elijah McClain, on behalf his Mother, Sheneen McClain. The bracelets are $25 each. For each bracelet sold, $18 will be donated.

Elijah was a sensitive soul. An introverted, massage therapist who played the violin for cats in a shelter to help calm and sooth them. Elijah was also an artist. He was self taught to draw as well as play the piano, guitar, cello and violin. He was only 23 years old.

Elijah was walking home from a convenience store when a man called 911 to report him. The caller stated that Elijah "looked sketchy". He was wearing a ski mask (due to anemia) and he was "waving his arms". Given that he had headphones in and was listening to music, it is my belief that he was dancing. 

Once the police arrived, and after struggling to handcuff Elijah, officers brought him to the ground and used a carotid hold, which restricts blood to the brain to render someone unconscious. This type of chokehold has since been banned. When medical responders arrived, after about 15 minutes, paramedics injected him with ketamine, a powerful sedative.

Elijah was unarmed... no guns and no weapons. He had cans of iced tea in the bag that he carried. Elijah went into cardiac arrest on the way to a hospital. He died a few days later. Elijah certainly was not a threat to anyone and deserves to be alive today.

There have been no arrests or charges made against the police or the medics involved with his death. The fundraiser was initially created in August 2019 at the time of his death to cover the funeral and memorials. The death of Elijah did not gain  national attention until this Summer, almost a year after his death. Public outcry and a demand for justice has caused 4 government agencies to get involved and to re-open Elijah's case. In addition to having ongoing attorney fees, Sheneen McClain would also like to start a foundation with the proceeds for her son so that something good can grow from his ashes.

If you would like to contribute directly to the gofundme, here is the link:https://www.gofundme.com/f/elijah-mcclain



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